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Namastehome - 40 Minute Hips and Hamstrings Practice

Join Jenny and Andrea for a 40 Minute Hip and  Hamstring Flow.  We don’t only focus on the physical but the importance of a moving meditation, loving awareness, and filtering through disposable thoughts to bring us closer to our higher state of being.

Unity Flow With Laela

Join Laela for a vigorous flow to open the hip flexors as well as our hearts to unity and grace.  Flow time is 50 minutes.

Power Flow With Courtenay

Courtenay’s Power Flow will make you resilient.  With the perfect balance of flow and holding postures you will leave your savasana feeling sweet and strong.  This class will be released on Sunday, March 22!

Yoga For Athletes With Jesse Hughes- Launches Tuesday, March 24th

Yoga for Athletes is designed to help athletes develop mobility, balance, stability, and flexibility. This non heated yoga class is intended to provide a slow warm-up and proceed to moderate postures that will prime the body, especially the hips, hamstrings, and shoulders.  Launches Tuesday, March 24th.
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