About Skull Shine Studios

Our Mission

Skull Shine Studios is not just a name, it’s a mission to provide an authentic hub for students to commit to their health and wellbeing. We offer yoga, pilates and other wellness classes in a relaxed atmosphere so students can go inward, focusing on the inner journey. Our teachers and staff are encouraged to be authentic, have a balanced schedule, and are paid fairly. Skull Shine Studios takes SEVA (service) seriously- giving back to our community is very important to us. These goals, of taking care of students, teachers and the community, reflect SSS’s understanding and commitment to the health of the individual student and the collective community’s mind, body, and soul.

Our Story

With 30+ years of teaching experience combined, Jennifer Smith and Jenny Holding were sitting at the dining room table brainstorming on how they could make a change, give back, and elevate their community.

Our Team

Skull Shine Bio Photo - Smith

Jennifer Smith

I am a mother, wife, friend, dog rescuer, epic curser, dedicated student of yoga, lover of life, nature junkie, avid reader, coffee lover, silly woman who loves a joke, serious student.

I started teaching 19 years ago, and am devoted to sharing the practice of hatha yoga. I have 10,000+ thousand hours teaching, practicing and studying under senior teachers. Meet me on the mat ready to learn, to question, to laugh and to work.

Jenny Holding

Above all, Jenny is committed to keeping her classes safe, educational, and rooted in Bhakti (devotion).  She believes the yoga mat is where we are given the opportunity to see who we are in times of change, challenge, and transition as well as celebrate our breath, body, and hearts.  When you attend her yoga classes you can be sure that you will sweat, stretch, and strengthen your body with a balance of alignment, vinyasa flow, and a special emphasis on gratitude.

“Drink a lot of water and be good people.”


As a registered dietitian and advocate of plant-based nutrition, Morgan offers her students a unique perspective. Morgan believes that yoga, meditation, and intuitive eating are ideal complements as they all enhance the individual’s self-awareness, mindfulness, confidence, and body image. The philosophies and principles of yoga can help guide every aspect of our lives.

Drawn to yoga to compliment her active lifestyle as a runner, Morgan found yoga to be the ideal foundation for improving athletic performance and growing into the person she aims to become. In 2016, Morgan and her husband traveled for over 2 years before returning to Atlanta, GA with a fresh perspective on life  – appreciating the abundance all around and striving to enjoy the moment (the good, the bad, and especially the in between). It’s this gift of presence that she aims to cultivate in every class through intentional alignment based sequencing mixed with a hefty dose of lighthearted playfulness.

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